Two Out Of Three



“My clients would like to buy your place!” Sweeter words have never been heard – at least by three landlocked cruisers-at-heart.

At the beginning of March, about a month after we listed our place, we received an offer from a couple who had been through during our first open house. We were extremely excited, of course, but as any of you who have been on either end of a real estate deal knows, there were still quite a few steps to complete until it felt truly real: counteroffers, inspections, appraisals.

We crossed our fingers, held our breath, and here we are – closing and handing over our keys on April 29th! Even as we pack and prepare, it still seems surreal.

So where will we go? That has a lot to do with our other news: Aaron has found someone to take over his job! His replacement was previously employed with Talaske and has most recently been working out of state. He will be moving to Oak Park in June, so Aaron will stay on full-time until then, when he will begin to phase out of his role as principal consultant.  Aaron has been with the firm for 18 years, so the transition is a significant one.

Claire’s preschool also runs until the beginning of June, SO, we need a place to live for two months. Which is a tricky thing, since it’s longer than a week or two “vacation” rental, but shorter than a short-term lease agreement, which requires three months or more. Figuring out this rubik’s cube has become a full-time job. Add it to the list of full-time jobs we’re juggling at the moment – but as we keep telling ourselves, what wonderful problems to have! Luckily, I think I’ve found a few solutions.

Given the recent events, Aaron and I have also pushed our new boat shopping into overdrive and our short list is pretty well-solidified (more on that in a future post). We’ll be flying out early next week to look at several potentials on the east coast of Florida.  Big shout-out to Grandma Penny and Grandpa Brian for watching the the munchkin while we’re gone climbing ladders and running around boat yards! Our current boat, Clarity, is still for sale; we’ve had a few recent showings, but no offers yet. At this point, though, we’re ready to continue with our plans while leaving her for sale in Chicago. The hope is that we will find our new floating home in the next couple months.

So here’s the big-picture timeline:

End of April: We close on the condo.

May and June: Aaron transitions from principal to part time consultant, Claire finishes preschool and we find our boat.

Beginning of July: We throw the party to end all parties and head east.

Things are falling into place as fast as we could have hoped for! Before we move galloping forward, we are savoring these last few weeks in the first home that Aaron and I ever owned, the home where we spent our first years as a married couple, the home where Claire took her first steps. It will be bittersweet.

But then, full steam ahead! Or is it full sails? Either way, my heart is full.


4 thoughts on “Two Out Of Three

  1. woo hoo! congrats. why not try air bnb? most airbnb will let you stay a month or so. the travelodge will let you do month to month. at least that’s what i did for my first two months in torrance! you need to test out this pared down living anyway, this would be a good time to do that trial and figure out what you REALLY need as you move from place to place or port to port.

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    • Thank you! And thanks for reading!! I’ve definitely looked at AirBnb – great thought! – but there are actually very few listings in our general area, and the ones that are there are definitely not in our cruising budget. I have a couple of options in the works, though. Yes, we are definitely getting rid of a lot and minimizing everything! We’ve also spent summers almost full-time on our current boat and cruised for about a month straight the last three seasons, so we have a pretty good idea – though true full time all year will definitely be a new adventure!


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