A Very Maritime Christmas

ChristmasSailThis holiday season was a perfect mixture of family celebrations, winter adventures, and preparations for what’s to come.

This was almost assuredly our last Christmas at our condo in Oak Park. It’s crazy to think that I have no idea where we will be a year from now. But exciting, too.

Our families are unbelievably supportive of our plans, and gave the most thoughtful gifts that will make our transition to boating life even more comfortable. Turkish towels for the bath/beach and the galley. (They are a most-coveted item for cruisers: Learn more about Turkish towels here in a great post from another boating family.) Appropriately sized pans for a boat grill. Squigz and other toys that will fair well on a less-than-stable “work surface,” oceanography books and a pocket microscope for our little adventurist, and a cozy owl sleeping bag for starry slumber parties on the bow. And so much more – even a moisture-resistant to-go bag for all of my knitting materials! Yes, my hobby has become an obsession.

In the interest of saving as much as possible for our next chapter, Aaron and I decided to stick to a $10 limit for our gifts to each other. I made him a homemade bag of boat rags (you can never have too many!), and he put together a trivia game for me to learn more about the Bahamian Islands. Each answer gave me the next port of call, and as I “mapped out” our course, a gift awaited me at each place (a hand massage, a few hours to myself, and some essentials I’ll need during our time on the water, like a quality pair of polarized sunglasses). That Aaron guy – he’s a keeper.


A day after we arrived in Michigan, there was finally a decent snowfall! Claire was mesmerized.

After celebrating with my family in a cornucopia of delicious dinners, we spent the week of New Year’s in Michigan with Aaron’s. Well aware of our impending lack of childcare, we reveled in being able to leave Claire with Aaron’s mom in Grand Rapids for a few days and head north to Boyne for skiing and card game debauchery with his brother and his family. Then it was back to Grand Rapids to ring in the New Year with full bellies and full hearts.

Throughout the holiday season, I tried to be as present in the moment as possible. The beauty of thick snow hugging the trees, having family just a short car ride away, the simple pleasure of cozying up to the fireplace after a day spent burning as many calories laughing as skiing … I’m going to miss all of it.

Now begins the real work. We will be meeting with our realtor this week and should have the condo listed shortly thereafter. We continue to toss around whether or not to list Clarity with a broker, though time is proving to be a strong ally to brokering.

In the meantime, more and more “stuff” needs sorting, selling, storing… The tasks seem to keep breeding.

“Let’s sit down tonight and write down a list of to-do lists that need doing.” Sigh…

It’s all worth it, though, with the end game in mind. White sandy beaches, warm afternoon breezes, we’re coming for you. 2016, however you play out, you’re already rocking our world.


4 thoughts on “A Very Maritime Christmas

  1. Dear Meg,

    With mixed emotions I read your latest post. I’m so excited for your 2016 adventure that will no doubt enrich your lives forever. But I must admit the tears are streaming down my cheeks knowing “my Bell” will not be just a few hours away. Thank you for the opportunity to make so many wonderful memories with her this Christmas. I’m already planning and looking forward to the next time together with…my precious, precious “Bell”.

    Love to All, Mom/Grandma, aka Mrs. Potts 🙂


    • Thank you for reading, Penny, and for a wonderful holiday celebration! We will have many more visits before we are permanently on the east coast – and then, just a flight away! Thanks again, for everything!


  2. What an amazing post! This makes me so excited about 2016! I love love the precious handmade gifts you and Aaron made for each other and I’m so happy to hear you were able to get some 1 on 1 couple time! All the best in this journey less traveled! I will so miss having you a stone’s throw away, but at least we have one last winter to have some great playdates together.



    • Thanks so much, Kel! And thanks for reading! It was a wonderful holiday season – and I’m SO looking forward to some winter playdates! I’ll text you to get one on the books! Can’t wait to hear all about your holidays, too.


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