Storybook Living in Door County

The last few days here have been straight out of a children’s book, written something like this…

Land ho! Egg Harbor! Secure the lines and ready the boat. Adventures in town await! Befriend the bat that made a cozy home in the showers, and skip your way past the raccoons and minks as you make your way to town.

Pop into shops on Egg Harbor Road as delectable smells from Casey’s BBQ fill the street. Slurp up a scoop or two from the Chocolate Chicken, then hop in your Radio Flyer, over the hill and through the forest, past the towering trees and gruffalos, to the beach, where rock forts and sandy waterfalls await.

You leave a sandy trail all the way back to the dock, and as you drift off to sleep cuddled up in your cabin, the next port beckons. You cast lines once again as the sun rises. With sails full, you slice through the Strawberry Channel, with the tree-filled tufts of Jack Island and Adventure Island in the distance.

A grumbling belly brings the shores of Fish Creek into view just in time. Perhaps a tub of salt water taffy at the confectionary will suffice, or better yet, fresh bacon and sea salt cakey perfection from The Singing Donut!

Then off you go down Main Street, past your friends Nan and Jerry, to miles of trails at Peninsula State Park. Make temporary treehouses in white cedars, watch a family of ducks dig for their lunch in the shallow pond, and crackle on branches as you cross over the marsh to a sweeping view of town and the marina.

Clarity waves, calling you back. With tired legs and a full heart, you take to the sea once again, heading north toward the Sister Islands, catching the fresh breeze all the way in to Sister Bay, just as the sun dips into Green Bay.


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