Sheboygan – Two Days in Pictures

We sailed into Sheboygan roughly a week into our 2015 cruise and spent two full hot summer days painting the town red.

With plenty of family-friendly activity options, we didn’t get to everything, but everything we did do was a home run.

The ability to take our feet off the gas for a day or two also allowed Aaron and I to reflect on the cruise so far, and we’ve realized that cruising in Wisconsin is a very different thing than cruising the coast of Michigan.

For one, every channel heading in from the lake is bookended by a (rundown) lighthouse on one side and a more prominent power plant on the other. Lighthouse tours are not in the tourist brochures here :).

Another more important difference is that these are towns with harbors, rather than harbor towns. In Michigan, the ports are usually offshore and down a river, which means it’s a walk to get to the beaches, but your slip is in the epicenter of town, usually along a picturesque boardwalk, with streets lined with toy stores and coffee shops and restaurants not even a five-minute walk away.

Here in Wisconsin, the marinas are just inside a break wall off of the lake, so you’re right by the coast, but quite a walk from, well, anything.

These aren’t bad differences – they’ve just required a change in perspective. And we are definitely different as a cruising family this year – but more on that in another post :).

In the meantime, we’re keeping the sails full and the compass pointed north!




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