Labor Day in Leland

Gorgeous coastline, a cute little town, a picturesque river with a waterfall, and Fishtown! Leland’s one you won’t want to miss if you’re up north in the Leelanau Peninsula.

After visiting Point Betsie Lighthouse on Sunday morning, we cast lines from Frankfort and made the sail up to Leland. It was chilly and overcast for much of the trip, but the Sleeping Bear Dunes were breathtaking all the same, and my excitement built when the Manitous came into focus.

The sun finally burned through the clouds mid-afternoon, just as we readied the boat for our slip in Leland Township Harbor. And the coastline became infinitely more beautiful.

We spent the rest of Sunday and all of Monday digging around town. We popped in the shops on Main Street, took a tour of Fishtown (complete with seafood chowder at The Cove), did a wine tasting, got stuck in a rainstorm at the beach, and paddleboarded up the Leland River to Lake Leelanau.

And of course, watched two breathtaking sunsets.

After a fairly busy holiday weekend in port with lots of tourists around, we sail for Beaver Island tomorrow, which I’m sure will be the opposite. Our northernmost port on this trip, it’s a relatively remote one – I don’t even know if there’s a coffee shop!! – but neither of us has ever been there, and we’re looking forward to some quiet time to dig around and just, be….

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