St. Joe: Two Days in Photos

St. Joseph, Mich., is by far one of my favorite Lake Michigan ports. Aaron and I have a lot of memories here from his racing days, and we’ve made many more visiting here as a family.

After such a lovely time in Michigan City, we were deciding whether to turn the boat around and head back to Chicago or keep on sailing. Aaron had taken the whole holiday week off of work, the weather was perfect and the waves were minimal. So, we pointed the boat north. How could we not?

We were able to actually sail, rather than motor-sail or just motor,  a fair amount of the trip to St. Joe, which, as all cruisers know, is a lovely treat. We stayed in West Basin Marina, the municipal marina on the north side of the river, and spent two days, well, just being kids. We dug around town a bit, visited the Silver Beach Carousel and Compass Fountain, swam at the St. Joe River Yacht Club, surfed the waves at Tiscornia Beach, had barbecues and took lots of naps.

Here are some snapshots.

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