Port in a Storm

Storm At 31st

The best place to be when a storm rolls in is tucked away down below on your boat.

With Clarity safely tied off at the dock, the sound of the rain is a steady shhhhhhh in stereo, above and all around you, and you feel like you’re in the middle of a waterfall. As the wind picks up, the boat rocks to match (depending on how much give you leave in the lines), and you can’t help but feel the pulse of the storm. It’s truly special.

After we spent last Friday through Monday at Clarity, Aaron left Tuesday morning for a work trip to Vegas and I drove with Claire to visit my in-laws in Michigan. His trip was busy but productive and we made lots of great memories. Claire tested out every rain puddle at grandma’s house and did somersaults (literally) on the trampoline with her cousins, Ryan and Jason.

We all made it back to Oak Park safe and sound on Friday evening, but in the light of Saturday morning, I saw how much cleaning needed to be done (maintaining two homes is a lot of work! More on this in a post to come). Also, Aaron saw that I needed a toddler break. So, after Claire’s nap, he packed her up and headed to the boat for a daddy-daughter date while I stayed back to remove at least a few layers of grime from the condo.

Thunderstorm and flash flood warnings were posted for the Chicagoland area and Aaron kept a close eye on the radar. He took Claire to the splash pad at the harbor per her multiple requests (she’d be getting wet either way, right?), and just as the wind and rain picked up, they hurried back to the boat and climbed down below to towel off and eat sloppy joes.

The storm passed just in time for the sun to come out, and Aaron was able to catch the most beautiful sunset.


I’m headed to the boat tomorrow morning to join them. The forecast calls for possible thunderstorms in the evening… I’m hoping for a repeat performance.


One thought on “Port in a Storm

  1. I find myself checking my email daily for another chapter of “Clarity and friends”. Thank you for my recent “fix”.
    Love, Mom/Grandma


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