Claire’s Corner: Parents… You Have to Teach Them Everything

Tales from the Crib…

Sometimes, you need to give your parents a run for their money. I consider it my full-time job – keeping them in line – and I’m very good at it.

We got to the boat Friday morning and shortly thereafter, mom and I met up with some friends to head to the beach. It’s such a high, running out to the water and getting just far enough in to make mom scramble and yell. I did it at least five or six times, then picked up some goose poop from the flock that was sunbathing nearby.

Also, do you know how much fun it is to pack as much sand as possible into your swimsuit and your swim diaper, cake your hands in it and then dig around the beach bags looking for snacks?!

(Note to other kids reading this: Sand is the gift that keeps on giving, all day, everywhere, no matter how much the parents think they’ve washed it off. There are so many places to hide it! But your eyes are not two of them.
I learned that one the hard way.)

So we got back from the beach and mom and dad seemed pretty convinced that I was going to nap. Mind you, I was exhausted – but this is the time, kids, when you have to remind them that you’re in charge! I rallied. After all, as I’ve mentioned before, naps are for sissies.

What to do with an entire two hours that you’re usually snoring and your parents are trying to accomplish tasks? Demand something you want! Again. Then again. Then again. The exact same thing (it doesn’t matter if they said no or yes – this is irrelevant). I said “I want a snack” at least 30 times in one minute. It was a personal best. Then, when they gave it to me, I threw it on the floor. And cried. #Winning

When mom and dad realized that going out for a sail would not be a good idea, we played around the boat some and dad and I fed a duck that stopped by for a quack chat.


But I brought it full circle during dinner. Dad grilled brats and mom made a fruit salad. I could tell they were tired and just wanted to get through the meal, but tough love is the best love sometimes! I knocked my bowl of fruit salad all over the cockpit and climbed on mom while she tried to finish her meal because, quite frankly, every moment that she’s accomplishing something else is a moment she could be focusing on me.

All in all, it was a busy day! I was pooped (ha!) from all of that teaching so I passed out pretty quickly for the night.

Saturday, though, I gave mom and dad a break. The sun was shining and the wind was steady out of the southeast, so when they strapped me into my harness for a sail, I didn’t protest too much. To be honest, it was fun watching the bubbles and boats passing by with dad and reading books with mom in the cockpit with a mouth-full of trail mix.


When my stomach was rumbling for lunch, I realized that all of my aminals must be hungry, too, so I climbed down below and fed them while mom got me some cheese and crackers.


I was still tired from the day before, so when she whispered a prayer and hesitantly tucked me away in my travel crib for a nap, the rocking of the boat was so soothing that I gave in. And what do you know! – I woke up two hours later to the sails coming down and us motoring over to tie off lines at our slip.

Then, it was off to the splash pad at the park to paint the town red with one of my best buddies, followed by an impromptu pizza party back at the boat.

Sometimes, when I let my parents be the boss, it can be even more fun. (Just don’t tell anyone I said that.) Sunday is a new day though – stay tuned!


One thought on “Claire’s Corner: Parents… You Have to Teach Them Everything

  1. Dear Megan,

    You are an amazing writer and story teller! Claire will cherish these wonderful moments captured in print!

    Love you all to pieces! Grandma Penny


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