Claire’s Corner: Naps are for Sissies

Tales from the Crib….

Naps are so overrated. In fact, I can skip my nap and not go to bed in a timely manner. Just ask my parents! I’m teaching them slowly but surely.

We’ve spent seven full days on the boat so far, and I’ve managed to hold out at nap time for every. single. one. Really, I’m starting to impress myself.

Let’s look at the reality. Here’s exhibit A, where they expect me to be sleeping:


Nice and cozy enough, but when I could be hanging on my mom’s leg instead and demanding cookies, it’s pretty boring in comparison. And here’s exhibit B – all of the toys I should be playing with instead!


Not to mention all of the fun games that I can play instead of sleeping. Such as how far I can throw my stuffed puppy behind the crib so mom and dad can’t reach it. How many times I can jump around before smacking my head on the ceiling. Licking the mesh side of the crib, unwrapping the sheet, dumping my water on the mattress, and yelling almost every word I know at the top of my lungs, just to see how far my voice will carry. (At least partway down the dock.)

If I’m being honest, my parents aren’t really being fair about this whole thing. I mean, I’ve seen them on at least a few occasions sneaking up to the cockpit after putting me down and eating cheese and crackers – MY CRACKERS!. That’s just cruel.

Or they’ll try to time it so that, right as I’m supposed to be falling asleep, we’re heading out for a sail. Really? Like I’d want to miss that! And besides – if I’m sleeping, who’s keeping an eye on the ducks? You can’t let them out of your sight or they’ll steal your snacks (even MORE crackers gone!).

It’s also prime time for me to “get rid” of all of the food I’ve crammed down for breakfast and lunch. And who wants to sleep in that for two hours? Not to mention that I’m sure mom or dad would want to take care of it before the smell permeates the entire salon.

By me refusing to nap, I’m doing them a huge favor, and one they don’t seem to be appreciating. They’re pretty grumpy about getting me out. I don’t know what their problem is.

And I overheard once that the definition of insanity is … well … I think you know.

So, we’ll see how it goes tomorrow. It’s supposed to be a beautiful day, and I bet dad will decide to take the paddleboard out for a stroll right after they zip me in. Surely, he needs a partner for the ride! To keep an eye on all of those pesky ducks, of course…


3 thoughts on “Claire’s Corner: Naps are for Sissies

  1. We really enjoyed the nap article, and it’s great to have a log of all Claire’s adventures or should I say misadventures?


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